Is Moving to Chicago a Good Idea? 6 Things to Know Before You Move

The decision to move may take months of planning. If you’re considering a move to the Windy City, make sure you do your research ahead of time!


Chicago is a populous city located in the northeastern state of Illinois. The history-rich city is situated on the south-west side of the famous Lake Michigan. The Loop, Chicago’s Central Business District, is home to some of the United States’ tallest skyscrapers. In addition to being an economic center, the city is also an interesting place to live. Chicago boasts several public beaches that grace the waterfront. It’s also a melting pot of diverse cultures and people from various walks of life.


It would take more than a few notes to describe everything that you would find in Chicago fully. Here are a few things about Chicago that you should put in mind before making your move.


1. The Job Market is on Track for Growth

The job market in Chicago is promising, given the diversification of present industries. Chicago is an industrial hub, with many companies venturing into manufacturing, food processing, printing, and publishing.


Research shows that Chicago recorded a job market growth of approximately 1.8% from June 2018 to June 2019. The increase in jobs in Chicago surpassed the national job market growth, which was about 1.5% at that time. Such figures suggest that the job market in Chicago is promising and would be an excellent location to live in with few job-hunting challenges.


2. Chicago Enjoys a Diverse Economy

Chicago is an economic pivot due to industrial diversification. The Loop, Chicago’s central business district, is home to some big players in the industrial sector. The famous aircraft manufacturing company, Boeing, has its headquarters in Chicago. 


The city is also a major financial center and home to the second-largest central business district in the United States. The city held the first position as the most suitable relocation area for companies and organizations. The industrial diversification has significantly contributed to the city’s labor pool of about 4.6 million workers. 

3. You’ll Enjoy a Variety of Foods

Chicago offers cultural diversity in terms of food. There are various cuisines that you can enjoy ranging from Mexican food and Asian cuisines to the famous Chicago style pizza.

4. It’s a Great Place for Education

The city is home to various educational institutions such as the University of Chicago and many other public and private learning centers.

5. But the Tax Rates are Sky High

Chicago is among the major cities in the U.S that impose high sales tax rates. However, the city doesn’t impose income tax rates on the workers and laborers. Instead, there is a levied considerable flat tax rate with an individual income tax and corporate tax rate.

6. The Real Estate Market is Approachable

The real estate market in Chicago is modest. Houses may sell somewhat below the listing prices. The city is commutable and has a variety of transportation options. Purchasing a real estate unit in the city and its neighborhoods may be a sound investment.

Life in Chicago

Life is Chicago is lively, especially with diverse cultures and entertainment spots. The city has an ignited nightlife that acts as an attraction for most tourists and residents. For more information on what living in Chicago is like, check out this Chicago moving guide from Great Guys Moving.


Chicago may be a good location for you, especially if you are all about contemporary living.